DefendSafe Systems offers the patented, safe and reliable Blank-Fire-Only (BFO) Weapons Training Systems, Battlefield Effects (BFX) and Special Effects (SFX) for your training support requirements. These capabilities will enhance any training environment, creating an immersive experience that improves the skills, capabilities and readiness of military personnel and law enforcement officers by preparing them for real-world engagements.

Prepare. Commit. Engage.

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Weapons Training Systems

DefendSafe’s Weapons Training Systems provide the safest, most reliable and realistic firearm training environment available for our military personnel and law enforcement officers. The systems are comprised of blank-fire-only (BFO) weapons, magazines, blank-fire adapters and non-lethal training/blank ammo (quarter and full flash). The BFO has four (4) permanent modifications to the magazine, chamber, inside the barrel and outside the barrel to eliminate any possibility of loading a live round and any projectile from exiting the muzzle; plus it can never be returned to a live-fire weapon.

DefendSafe has a large inventory of blank-fire M4s and AK-family weapons to create realistic OPFOR combat engagements. We maintain corresponding inventories of blank ammunition, including 7.62x39mm full-flash and quarter-flash (for indoor use) non-lethal training ammunition. Routine Limited Technical Inspections are conducted on all weapons to ensure they are field ready and safe for use. In addition to blank-fire equipment and ammunition, we are licensed for the purchase, transport and storage of live-fire equipment and supplies as required.

Our staff includes former military personnel, armorers, weapons specialists, NRA certified instructors, SESAMS certified, with experience in military and law enforcement settings. We can provide a specialist to support weapons training, including handling, operating, assembling/disassembling and zeroing a variety of weapons if needed.

  • AK-47
  • Folding AK47
  • M4 With Bipod Foregrip
  • M4 With A2 Sights
  • AK with Adjustable Stock
  • M4
  • RPK
  • SKS
  • Saiga
  • Tactical M4 With Optics

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BFO Advantages

The DefendSafe Weapons Training Systems are:

  • Safe – permanently modified patented and patent pending technology to prohibit the loading of live ammunition in the magazine and chamber
  • Authentic – they look, feel and sound the same as live-fire weapons because that’s what they were before the patented and patent pending technology was applied
  • Clearly marked for easy identification, and the permanent safety modifications exceed military and law enforcement specifications
  • Offered in a variety of training models
  • Available for short- and long-term lease
  • Chambered for standard 7.62×39 blank ammunition (non-lethal training/blank ammunition available in full-flash, as well as quarter-flash for indoor exercises
  • Inspected with Routine Limited Technical and Pre-Fire Inspections on every weapon and pre-training (all cleaning, repair and maintenance included)
  • Optional on-site Weapons Training Systems instructor
  • No maintenance – Does not require batteries, backpacks, canisters, cords or cables
  • Easy-to-use – Designed to eliminate misfires and jams

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If you’re looking to change things up a bit in your training program, why not try the Special-Effects Small-Arms Marking System or SESAMS. This safe, paint ball like, capability allows your team to use their own weapon. The biodegradable round provides a visible mark where it hits; comes in red and blue. SESAMS has been known to leave a mark on the skin; personal protective equipment should be worn at all times. DefendSafe offers this capability for M-4 only, and can provide the SESAMS’ upper receivers, modified magazines and all the ammunition you need.

Visit News and Media for more on Weapons, or Connect with us for questions or to schedule a presentation or live demonstration.

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DefendSafe Battlefield Effects (BFX) significantly contributes to simulating a combat environment. You’ve heard the saying, “Train the way you fight, and you’ll fight the way you train.” We’re not able to 100% duplicate battlefield conditions, but we can get pretty close. These effects enable military personnel and law enforcement instructors to take the training to the next level and bring to life techniques, tactics and procedures only before discussed in rehearsals and sand table briefings. The realism BFX provides will improve training outcomes, and better prepare your unit for the sights, sounds, smells and the feelings of warfare that could potentially save lives. Our staff consists of experts in the fields of pyrotechnics, sound, and smell using proven best practices and materials from the military, law enforcement, and Hollywood industry in order to deliver the best realistic immersive training environment available.

DefendSafe’s BFX offers pyrotechnic effects, sound effects, smell generators, and faux weapons (props).

Pyrotechnic Effects

DefendSafe offers a variety of realistic pyrotechnic effects, all constructed to be safe for proximate use, including incendiary explosive devices (IEDs); propane fireballs; colored smoke; indirect-fire (IDF) simulation; vehicle-borne IEDs (VBID); suicide vests (SVEST); rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), either line-guided or simulated launch; mortar launches and impacts; and simulated multiple artillery or air strikes.

  • IED: small (1 oz.) to large (4 oz.) explosion with optional sound enhancer, fireball for night effect, or smoke to simulate burning after the blast
  • VBID: small to large explosion with optional sound enhancer, fireball or smoke
  • SVEST: CO2 or high explosive vest available
  • RPG: simulated launch with a rocket on a line with optional sound enhancer or from an RPG simulator; impact can be small or large blast with optional sound enhancer, fireball, or smoke
  • Direct Fire: very small explosions (5 grams) set in a line to simulate heavy machinegun impacts
  • Fireball: propane poppers to simulate fireball effect after explosions
  • Mortar or IDF: simulated launch with small blast and 2 second incoming round whistle; impact can be small or large blast with optional sound enhancer, fireball or smoke
  • Smoke: 3 minute white smoke, and 90 second white, black or other color smoke

Our pyro staff is made up of bomb technicians, hazardous materials specialists, certified breachers, and trained instructors in counter-IED and IED-defeat principles, concepts and tactics. In addition, our personnel have backgrounds in advanced post blast and large vehicle bomb post blast training. Most of our technicians have completed multiple tours in the Middle East as Navy Bomb Technicians and served on Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams overseas. All have explosives manufacturing capability in the field, and hold various federal and state licenses including but not limited to California, Nevada and North Carolina special effects cards, indoor pyrotechnics licensing, and state blasters permits.

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Sound Effects

DefendSafe adds sound effects to the immersive battlefield training experience by playing local background noises based upon the geography and ethnicity of your area of emphasis. For example while practicing a dismounted patrol through a middle eastern village one may hear the sounds of a barking dog, street traffic with a passing motorcycle, the horn of a car, Arabic voices of different merchants and shopkeepers, and depending on the simulated time of day – a call to prayer. In other scenarios, sounds of an angry mob, cries for help, armed protests with gunfire and explosions, or a track including all of the sounds of war (rifle and machine gun fire, artillery, rockets, attack aircraft and armored vehicles).

With minimal effort our experienced sound technician can setup, play and loop pre-recorded tracks from an extensive library of sounds based upon your requirements and area of emphasis. These effects can be programmed or played manually by an operator or self-controlled with a remote.


DefendSafe can deliver smoke, fume and a range of odors, malodors, scents and aromas perfect for your training scenario or cultural region of emphasis. As an example while practicing law enforcement search and seizure techniques police officers can encounter a smoke filled hallway to create a disorienting and elevated stress effect. For other advanced training scenarios unique odors can be introduced for the practice of identifying  decomposition, chemicals used in a meth lab, or bomb production to name a few. These effects can be delivered in small or large spaces, and involve the deployment of smoke and fume generators or a scenting system to deliver specific smells. They come with a programmable easy to use controller for manual delivery by an operator or self-controlled with a remote.

Faux Weapons (Props)

When your training scenario requires props, DefendSafe has a great collection, including faux weapons to set the scene. Customers can choose from vulcanized or rubber rifles (AK-47, M-16), replicas of two-inch British mortars, bomb-making materials, and a variety of plastic knives, machetes, and handguns.

Visit News and Media for images and videos of our BFX in action, or Connect with us for questions or to schedule a presentation or live demonstration.

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DefendSafe Special Effects (SFX) is a unique trauma and medical complement to the immersive training environment. A well-trained team must be prepared to handle wounded personnel, an inevitable part of the military professional and law enforcement officer’s job.  By using the art of moulage, or applying simulated injuries for training purposes – to include casting and molding of anatomically correct parts, we can offer basic injury simulations to advanced medical mockups with trauma suits and human replicas.

Our staff consists of Hollywood-trained combat trauma/special effects technicians and amputee role players who realistically simulate the sights and sounds of combat trauma by using the same materials and techniques used in the special effects film industry.

Injury Simulation

Our SFX capabilities will give your team and first responders an opportunity to process the mental aspects of seeing the severely wounded, practice buddy aide, and most importantly, medically challenge your first responders and combat medics to treat a variety of injuries.

NOTE: the following images may be disturbing.

  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Puncture
  • Impaled Object
  • Avulsions
  • Burns
  • Eviscerated Bowel
  • Amputee
  • Open/Closed Fractures
  • Impacted Fracture
  • Compound Fracture
  • Dismemberment
  • Contusion
  • Hemorrhage
  • Hematoma
  • Gunshot wounds

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Medical Devices

DefendSafe SFX can employ medically-correct trauma simulation suits, or trauma suits, mannequins, and human replicas for your medical training needs. These effects are perfect for training combat medics and first responders to practice their skills for example, on sucking chest wounds, intubation and tracheotomies, compound fractures, serious burns, gut and genital wounds, uncontrolled bleeding, and field amputations to name a few.  In addition, we can provide Trauma Training Kits for do-it-yourself medical training applications to support medical instruction in the field or classroom.

  • Training Mannequins
  • Human Replicas
  • Trauma Suits
  • Trauma Training Kits

Visit News and Media for images and videos of our SFX in action or Connect with us for questions or to schedule a presentation or live demonstration.

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DefendSafe works with clients throughout the United States. Customers include police and troopers, SWAT teams, and all levels and branches of the armed services. We work hard to develop long-standing relationships, and to be the go-to training provider to keep the men and women that protect America prepared mentally and physically.


In order to better serve all of our customers, we maintain two operations centers with close proximity to military installations and training locations on both the East and the West Coasts. You can reach us at the following:

East Coast Operations Center – Camp Lejeune, NC
103 Preston Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540


West Coast Operations Center – Camp Pendleton, CA
1833 Oceanside Blvd, Ste A, Oceanside, CA 92054


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DefendSafe’s leadership team consists of a Director, David Tarzi and a Project Manager, Erik Kalnicki.

David is the founding member of DefendSafe and oversees daily operations. He can customize your training support package needs with the patented and patent pending technology of the Blank-Fire-Only (BFO) Weapons Training Systems, Battlefield Effects (BFX) and Special Effects (SFX) based on your requirements. David was part of the design team of the patented BFO Weapons Training Systems and works out of the west coast training center in Oceanside, CA.

Contact David at

Erik is a former Marine, an experienced and certified weapons instructor, and armorer. He has extensive knowledge in today’s weaponry used by military and law enforcement professionals. Erik was part of the design team of the patented BFO Weapons Training Systems and is based out of our east coast training center in Jacksonville, NC.

Contact Erik at


There are many DefendSafe advantages, from product safety to competitive business pricing to get your project up and running quickly and safely without breaking the budget.

Product/Service Advantages

The number one advantage from a product perspective is safety. Our customers have the advantage of using the safest and most reliable weapons training system with patented and patent pending technology of the Blank-Fire-Only (BFO) weapons systems. Permanent safety modifications prevent the loading of live rounds in a blank-firing weapon without sacrificing realism.

  • Safe – the BFO Weapons Training Systems exceed military and law enforcement standards
  • Reliable – the BFO Weapons Training Systems have been used successfully in 1.14 million hours of Role Player support to the Department of Defense since August 2014
  • Realistic – DefendSafe’s BFOs, BFX and SFX creates an unmatched immersive environment
  • Turn-key support available – your personnel can show up ready to learn and refine their skills
  • Excellent past performance with state, local and federal customers supporting the BFO, BFX and SFX needs of 101,317 Role Players for the Department of Defense since August 2014.
  • Knowledgeable weapons instructors and experts on staff (SESAMS trained and certified)
  • Large inventory of authentic BFO weapons, and weapon replicas for props
  • Hollywood experienced and trained BFX and SFX professionals on staff
  • Training packages can be tailored to fit your training requirements (i.e. combatant commands)
  • Technical support available CONUS/OCONUS
  • Hands-on logistic and management services
  • All maintenance and routine inspections of training systems completed and documented
  • Standard blank-fire ammo for indoor/outdoor exercises available (plus SESAMS)

Business Advantages

DefendSafe is a small business, and helping small businesses is good for America and our economy. As a small business, customers benefit from competitive pricing due to low overhead and better services and response times without the multiple levels of bureaucracy you find in large businesses. DefendSafe utilizes a daily leasing program for their BFOs, which includes transport to and from, familiarization, maintenance, and a replacement guarantee.

In addition, DefendSafe has a strategic alliance with a Small Disadvantaged Business, SBA-certified 8(a) Alaskan Native-owned organization. This partnership enables our federal customers to benefit from the 8(a) ANC contracting advantages:

  • Direct award speeds up your procurement timeline
  • Non-protestable awards to an 8(a) ANC (federal)
  • Alpha Negotiations to evaluate and bi-laterally determine each line item cost
  • Sole-source contract awards of any size


DefendSafe began this endeavor of building the safest blank-fire-only (BFO) weapons training systems because of the life-threatening hazard of loading a live round into a blank-fire weapon.  While the realism of using blank-fire weapons during training exercises is unmatched, the risk is too great without having a safety system in place. Lives have been lost because of this hazard, and after hearing military leaders’ grave concerns, DefendSafe designed a system to prevent this from happening.

BFO Safety Mods

DefendSafe’s patented, and patent pending technology covered in U.S. Patent No. 9,188,402, has four (4) permanent safety modifications. The prevention of loading a live round is accomplished with a modification (1) to the magazine, and (2) to the chamber.  The prevention of any projectile exiting the muzzle and the requisite gas exchange needed for cycling is accomplished with (3) an internal blank-fire adapter and (4) an external blank-fire adapter. The result is a safe, reliable and permanent BFO safety system that virtually eliminates the hazard with no possibility of the blank-fire weapon returning to a live-fire weapon.


At DefendSafe, we also employ safety measures before, during and after training through the use of our maintenance program. We provide a robust documented maintenance schedule, routine Limited Technical and Pre-Fire Inspections and regular checks on-site to check-in with customer, observe and offer technical support.

Safety Measures

  • Patented and patent pending technologies prevents the loading of live rounds and projectiles exiting the muzzle in blank-firing weapons
  • BFO components and workmanship meet or exceed military and law enforcement specifications
  • Maintenance, services and inspections performed and documented on each weapon
  • Familiarization on every aspect of the BFO Weapons Training Systems before use
  • On-site support available from dedicated team of weapons experts able to remedy issues
  • Close inspection after each training scenario
  • Multiple levels of patented permanent modifications prohibit the ability to load live ammunition
  • Clear, standard markings provide easy visual distinction of our systems from live-fire weapons
  • Prior to every training exercise, all gear is inspected, munitions are double checked, and BFX and SFX details are triple checked

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DefendSafe Exhibiting at the 2017 SHOT Show (17OCT2016) – DefendSafe is pleased to have been selected to be part of the NEXT generation of exhibitors at the 2017 SHOT Show, 17-20 JAN, at the Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV. This is an exclusive opportunity for 100 companies never before seen at the SHOT Show! The SHOT Show is the largest tradeshow for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories industry. DefendSafe will be located in kiosk N323 on the NEXT Pavilion, located on the third level outside of the press room. Hope to see you there!

Modern Day Marine 2016 (06OCT2016) – What a show! DefendSafe presented for the second year in a row their immersive Training Support Services capability highlighting the Blank-Fire-Only (BFO) Weapons Training Systems. The rain didn’t dampen any spirits at the show, and the Marine Corps League did a fantastic job. The number one comment at our booth following a brief BFO introduction was surprise, followed by appreciation, for designing a training system that prevents the loading of a live-round into the chamber! A system that will stop accidents before they happen. If you desire more information or want a combined capability DVD, drop us note at See you next year in Quantico!

Modern Day Marine 2016 (22SEP2016) – DefendSafe will be an exhibitor at the Modern Day Marine 2016 Conference, 27-29 September, in Quantico, VA. Come by our booth (#3342) and check us out. We’ll be showcasing our patented, safe and reliable Blank-Fire-Only (BFO) Weapons Training Systems, and much more. Hope to see you in Quantico!

2016 Navy Gold Coast Small Business Conference (30AUG2016) – What a conference! DefendSafe was able to showcase their turn-key immersive training support products and services to hundreds of attendees. DefendSafe’s patented Weapons Training System was a popular attraction. The number one question about our Blank-Fire-Only weapons was, “Are those real?” The answer, “They sure are, live-fire weapons permanently modified for training only.” Our irreversible safety modifications make our AK-Family and M-4s the safest and most realistic training weapons in the industry. Contact us for a demonstration or for a combined capabilities DVD. See you next year at the 2017 Navy Gold Coast Conference.

NDIA Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event (17AUG2016) – DefendSafe will be an exhibitor at the Navy Gold Coast SB Conference, 23-24 August, San Diego Convention Center. Come by our booth (#207) and check us out. We’ll be showcasing our patented, safe and reliable Blank-Fire-Only Weapons Training System, and much more. Hope to see you there!